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Own your health with SiSU.


SiSU Health is committed to empowering every single person to achieve their health goals and to lead healthier lives. Measure your biometric results on a SiSU Health Station, track your results via our online portal and improve your health with our online portal and supportive SiSU Community.


Measure your health Understand your health and any priority follow-up in 4 minutes using our innovative SiSU Health Station. Track your results Follow your progress on your mobile app or SiSU Portal. Link devices such as Fitbit to get your personalised plan. Improve your health Utilise our dynamic support tools:
7-Day Meal Planner
7-Day Activity Planner
12-Week Lifestyle Programs
Find a SiSU Health Station Find your nearest station and get ready to Meassure. Track. Improve.

SiSU is committed to you and your health.


All users have access to our online SiSU Portal. The SiSU Portal gives members access to their results history, the Health Risk Assessment, Lifestyle Score, Programs & Plans and Health Library.


Your privacy and security is the core of our business, and we work hard to protect it. As the custodian of your data, we will protect your information and not send any details onto anyone unless you give us informed and explicit consent. We care about your data.


SiSU Health Stations go through a rigorous Quality Assurance process, so you can trust your results. Every SiSU Health Station is scientifically calibrated to ensure the consistent accuracy of your results. We assure you, our trained Technicians check them at the factory, in the warehouse, and again during installation.


Our SiSU Health Stations are designed to be easy to use. From the moment you sit down and begin your Health Check SiSU walks you through each test offered. Download our app or log in to your SiSU Portal to easily access your results and track your changes.

Your Health Check 


Own your own health with a Health Check on a SiSU Health Station. Discover your blood pressure, body composition, BMI, heart rate, heart age and more in just 4 minutes.


SiSU Health Checks and counting!


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