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Driving change for better health in Transport and Logistics

The transport and logistics industries are vital to the modern economy. In Australia, the size of our nation and vast distances between major metropolitan centres means that many businesses and consumers rely on the effectiveness of freight companies for access to many essential products. Similarly, in the United Kingdom, the demand for products and complex logistical journey’s requires meticulous planning and forecasting.

Maintaining these industries are a large pool of our population. Australia employs over 500,000 people in the transport and logistics sector – equating to approximately five per cent of the national workforce, generating approximately $39.95 billion to the Australian economy (Australian Industry Standards, 2018). In the UK the logistics industry contributes £96billion to the economy annually, employing 2.3 million people (8%) of the working population (Warwick, 2010).

Developing a sustainable scope of health

Keeping operations running around the globe and delivering variable products and services is a tasking role. SiSU Health Group has worked with numerous companies around the globe, keeping a finger on the pulse of these bustling industries. Conducting over 5,100 Health Checks within Transport and Logistic companies, we have identified the key health risk trends that Human Resource Managers should keep their eye one.

Underlining health trends

Across the 5,100 Health Checks completed by the SiSU Health Station – a medically certified, self-service health kiosk, SiSU Health Group have devised the average risk per health risk measured on the SiSU Health Station. This working population that contributes so greatly to our economies is presenting concerning results surrounding their personal health. With 23.5% of the population being at risk of blood pressure prevalence, 67% presenting high body fat risk, 78% revealing to have high+ body mass index ratings, and 40% being at risk of diabetes. Adding to these concerns is that 17% of this population are also smokers.

Tackling health within the workplace

As the above results present, there is a clear need for health intervention throughout these industries. Employee health programs are a fabulous way to engage and support employees to understand and improve their health. Identifying the right solution for your company starts with categorizing your goals and ensuring your deliverables are measurable.

Working within the Transport and Logistics industries, moving workforces are a common factor to consider. Ensuring complete accessibility and transparency around employee health programs is essential to their success.

How SiSU supports workforce’s on the move

SiSU Health Group is continuously improving the way we support our clients and SiSU members. With a large public footprint of SiSU Health Stations, we allow companies to track and measure the health of their employees out on the road, nationally, as well as within their office spaces, depots and ports. Our Transport and Logistics clients have seen a reduction in their results across blood pressure prevalence by 3%, BMI by 4% and a reduction in the smoking population by 20%. 

Activating change

Sparking interest in your employee’s health can be difficult and creating the right waves of change can make a positive impact on your business. By helping your employees reduce their health risks, it is also helping them prevent the onset of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

SiSU Health Group provides a holistic approach to health and also has the capacity to work alongside other Employee Assistance Providers to ensure your health strategy is as stable and inclusive as can be. Speak to us today to kick start your next health strategy which will provide measurable and cost-effective results.


Employee Health Infographic


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