workplace stress

5 ways to reduce stress within your workplace

Returning to work after the festive season can be a stressful time for a lot of people. Reducing stress within the workplace should not just be a reactive solution, but something that you aim to do year-round. Creating a culture of education and open communication around stress management will help you reduce stress within your workplace and help keep your employees running at a higher productivity rate.

We all know that we do not perform our best when stress becomes too much for an individual. We have five helpful tips that you can incorporate to reduce stress within your workplace.


1. Lead by example

It is important that the leaders within your business do not let negativity and stress rub off and affect their staff and their performance. Practice what you preach by providing managers and staff with stress management training. By encouraging healthy stress management and discouraging unhealthy work habits, you can help set positive examples for the wider workforce.

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2. Set clear objectives and goals

Employee productivity is best when your team is focused, so it is essential that management articulate clear goals for their team to strive towards. By setting clear objectives, employees don’t have to think about how they need to complete a task, or question why they are doing something. Clear goals will give your employees focus and demonstrate how they are contributing to the bigger picture, giving them a sense of purpose.

3. Offer flexible working opportunities

Employees want flexibility at work and now often, employees will select an organisation over another due to their stance on work flexibility. Stress is impossible to leave at work. A flexible working pattern may help your staff reduce external stresses and allow them to be more productive and engaged whilst working.

4. Encourage exercise

Physical exercise is proven to reduce stress. Encourage simple activities like walking meetings, standing desks, opting for the stairs over the elevator. Taking time away from a stressful situation, even if the break is only brief, can help employees feel more relaxed when they return to their desks.

5. Promote mindfulness

Mindfulness can help your employees retain focus throughout the day and teaches them techniques to combat negative or difficult thoughts and feelings associated with stress and anxiety. Sometimes a few minutes to disengage, relax and refocus can make all the difference in someone’s day.