our mission


SiSU Health aims to help ease the effects of lifestyle-related diseases on the global healthcare systems, by offering an affordable and accessible platform to help people globally live a healthier life.

SiSU Health Stations

Our medically certified SiSU Health Stations allow you to complete a full Health Check in just 4-minutes.

Our full Health Checks cover:

– Blood pressure

– Heart rate

– Heart age

– Body composition


– Height

– Weight

– Diabetes Risk (Australia only)


Additional testing is available to cover Stress Score. We can tailor your SiSU Health Station experience to your business with additional health and habit-based questions for deep insight and data analysis.

SiSU Health works alongside more than 500 organisations across Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe, to help them achieve their health & wellbeing goals.

Our team is comprised of passionate and dedicated engineers, software developers, data analysts, sales and marketing professionals.


Our mission is to help every single person become their best self and live better. We provide you with the resources so you can measure, track and improve your health. Our 4 minute Health Checks are FREE so find your nearest SiSU Health Station and get ready to Measure. Track. Improve.

We can genuinely say we’ve helped save peoples lives. 


We supply SiSU Health Stations to organisations that wish to encourage their customers, employees and wider community to get involved in their health. We also offer a digital platform that provides comprehensive and personalised support to improve your health. A Health Check on the SiSU Health Station is free and provides measurable biometric results, to help everyone achieve their lifestyle goals.